Cool Stuff

This page is for me to post things other than my comics onto my website.

This one below was emailed to me by my dear sister Joy Clark:

Here’s another one by Joy:

The following is a comic by none other than Jon Casto himself.

Here is a comic I drew for Lisha for her birthday a few years ago.  It’s loosly inspired by Calvin & Hobbes, combined with a general wearing down by scholastic pursuits.

Fan Art:

My wife is my biggest fan (sorry mom).  She drew this cartoon based on a Spanish joke.

If you don’t understand Spanish, loosely translated the cartoon says: Q: What did the cup say to the other cup? A: What’s cup?   (It’s much funnier in Spanish).  Thanks Josie!


10 comments on “Cool Stuff

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  2. I love all the comics….Of course i don’t understand the Math ones. Like Pat, I love Jon’s although it actually took me 2 reads to get it! Joy’s pictures are great. James, Josie is your biggest fan. I accept that. ( I am at least number 2).:)

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