Bad Bad Leroy Brown #1

Hey folks!  I finally got around to making a comic starring my cat and dog.  I thought of this a long time ago when Leroy was going to the vet to get neutered.

For those who don’t know, these are my pets, Titus the yellow lab, and Leroy the cream tabby barncat.  We call him Bad Bad Leroy Brown because he’s such a little stinker :).  About three weeks ago, Leroy had a little incident where he fell off of our balcony three stories onto the parking lot below, breaking his right humerus.  He got his front right leg amputated, and now he’s a cute little tripod kitty, and has transformed into the sweetest lapcat you’ve ever seen.  I’m sure a few comics will come out of his new three leggedness.  Stay tuned!

(I didn’t color this one, because I’m not sure I could color a tabby cat.  Also, I didn’t really have time because this was finals week.)

By Exclusive Blend

5 comments on “Bad Bad Leroy Brown #1

  1. =) I love it. If those two could actually talk, I’m sure thats what they would be saying. I think you did a really nice job with this one.

  2. I like to tell folks my dog Hank has been “tutored.” I think it makes him feel a little smarter than your average dog…….

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