Ugg boots are gross.

This comic warrants some explanation.  Last semester, some sort of radical evangelist showed up on campus carrying a big sign and raving about repentance or hellfire, as well as some heretical statements.  He wasn’t well received by Christian groups who met to challenge him.  I saw him on campus waving his big sign, and I thought to myself, “what an ineffective way to preach the gospel.”  Anyways, the next day his picture showed up in the Daily Evergreen.  In the same issue of the Evergreen, I saw this brilliant article about the horrors of UGG boots.  Putting the two together, I came up with this comic.  Enjoy.

Seriously.  UGG boots look really bad.  Don't wear them.  Ever.

By Exclusive Blend

2 comments on “Ugg boots are gross.

  1. Yeah, that was mom. 🙂 I don’t think she knows how to sign out.

    I remember laughing so hard when Matt would talk about the sorostitutes at WSU in their UGG boots…:)

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