Hey Folks,

There will be no cartoon published here this weekend because I don’t feel like making one.  Also, I’m busy.  Don’t worry, I still have plenty of ideas rolling around up there in my overactive cranium, but taking the time to sketch and ink one and then take it to the library to scan, put on my computer, and color, is something that I don’t want to do today.  Next week I’ll have one for sure.  😛

Also, I hope to have time soon this week to start cranking out comics starring my cat and my dog, and their interactions.  I’ll publish that as soon as I can, I have a few strips planned out already.

Catch you on the flip side!

-James Clark II, cartoonist

By Exclusive Blend

3 comments on “Hey Folks,

  1. mrjonnyc leaves for CA soon. I hope he can still comment on his days off. Mr. perfect blend, I also will miss your talent this week, but I will look forward to your next endeavor. Love you bunches and bunches! -Mom

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