He’s From Idaho


17 comments on “He’s From Idaho

  1. I don’t get it eather!!!! I think maybe they are all Stupid potaoes??? I do like your idea for the cat stories, AGAIN, I recommend a crafty cat comic starring Jenn’s LEO! 🙂

  2. This one was inspired by Debbie Willey, who grew up in Southern Idaho. At thanksgiving we were debating whether or not anyone actually said “po-TAH-to” instead of “po-TAY-to” and then Debbie suggested quite enthusiastically that Spudduttas was the proper way to say potato.

  3. I think it makes sense. But I dont know.. maybe it’s just one of those you have to be there to get it type of things things. But the popular statement is noticable.. tomato tomato, potato, potato. naturally a hick potato would say something else. I like how what he says is a mix between spud and patateh (pah tate ah). annnd.. I’m excited to see your new strip =) starring leroy brown of course.

  4. Can I use the Spud Potato to give myself a new profile pic for my blog? After all…imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But I figure you have to ask permission for these sort of things.

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    • Yeah…this is from my new blog entry which features this comic for the first half. I took some liberties with giving the hick potato a bit of a personality, so I hope that is ok.

  6. great comments! Such fun! I wish I knew how to get a picture up behind my name. Maybe I could be Leo the cat??? OR OR OR Jake or Titus :). I would love a picture of My grand dog for my title! Any of my geeky children could maybe help me??? MOM
    Maybe I should get a blog???

    • but get one on wordpress if you want to have a picture when you are commenting on James’ or my blogs…i am not sure it is possible to have the same thing on blogspot. But I think you can just get a wordpress account and not have any blogs too.

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