Mmm… Tastes like Chicken!

When the cannibal showed up late for lunch they gave him the cold shoulder. :)


8 comments on “Mmm… Tastes like Chicken!

  1. Alright JTCII,

    I’m starting to see a trend here, and I won’t try to hide my concern for the way your comix are so brashly depicting humanitarians! Your first banana strip blatantly displayed a deeply seeded power struggle between humanitarians and vegetarians, with each in juxtapose triumphing over the other in turn as the dominant food source.

    This current strip is even more revealing, as it shows a humanitarian committing an act which is supposed to be revolting. However, the truth is that he is simply fulfilling the duties of one who chooses to pursue humanitarianism.

    If you are confused by the above statement (like I am) then just remember, if a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat?

  2. Hey James,
    Some really creative work. The latest is a little on the macabre side. Reminds me of Diego Rivera’s painting of the market square at Tlatelolco. Sr Rivera was never one to mince around when it came to depicting actual happenings.

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