This is me and my lovely wife.

Hello and welcome to Exclusive Blend.  Here you will find a collection of comedic art.  Being mostly puns, these comics are my interpretations of obscure jokes that I make out of everyday life.  Exclusive Blend started as a weekly comic published in the Daily Evergreen at Washington State University.  Due to budget cuts, there is no longer room in the Evergreen for my comic every week, so I am published online for almost two years. There are about 50 comics up here in the archives, so click around a while and enjoy!  Currently, my wife and I are attending the FTTA and there is no way for me to continue posting comics for the time being.  I’m blogging some of my enjoyment in Anaheim here.  I hope return to the webcomic world in two years when things settle.

If you explore my site a little bit you will find that the comics are located in the Latest Comics tab, and can be searched in the archives on the right.  In the Cool Stuff tab you will find comics by other people who send me their work, as well as more of my art that I don’t classify as Exclusive Blend.  In the Fun Facts tab you will find some random facts and goofy trivia that I update on occasion.  YouTube Shenanigans contains exactly that… various shenanigans I have uploaded to “teh interwebs.”  If you have something you would like to see on this website let me know by sending an email to jamesclarkii(at)gmail.com.

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18 comments on “Welcome

  1. hey Jaime, this is Andrew, John’s big bro, just found out about this and the comics are great, i like puns, and you, me and Jonny C have a big thing for weirdness so yeah, adding fuel to the fire of desire of puns

  2. Thanks a ton for using time in order to create “Exclusive Blend | Don’t be shy Leave Comments!” freeskullylayouts . Thanks a ton again -Adelaida

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